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Division Definitions & FAQs

The chief purpose of a rating system is to ensure fairness and safety at every level. CGVA strives for volleyball divisions to be consistent, competitive and safe.

Beginning Fall of 2022 players can sign up to play in the division they are rated or be picked up by a captain in a higher division. 

Free Agents can only sign up to play in the division which they are rated. 

Players cannot play at divisions below their rating. New players must be rated before the season commences.

NAGVA ratings can help to give you an idea of where to start, but are not a final rating as our divisions are not directly equivalent to NAGVA divisions.


Players in this division are roughly NAGVA/USAV BB/A/AA. This level is the highest we offer at CGVA. Players are experts in rotations (5-1, 6-2), positioning on the court, as well as mechanics. Advanced division is highly competitive. Advanced players are generally specialized into one or two positions. Players are effective when executing the skills related to their specialty. For example, an Advanced hitter will likely get a kill off a good set and should only rarely hit out or into the net. The game at this level is significantly faster and more aggressive than in A division. Players can run plays on good passes and can read the other team on out-of-system plays and adjust accordingly.


Players in this division are roughly NAGVA B with possibly a few BB. A division is competitive. Players are required to be well-versed in CGVA and general volleyball rules. Players are expected to be fluent in rotational systems (5-1, 6-2), positioning on the court, and not need any direction from teammates. A typical A player should be able to execute all volleyball skills (hitting, blocking, setting, passing, digging, and serving) with some consistency. They may have some skills that are stronger than others as they specialize. In the skills relevant to their position, A players should be fairly consistent and make only occasional errors. Players at this level should be able to run plays with good passes and can typically get a kill on an open net. Players at this level should be able to play in more than one position if their team needs it.


Players in this division may not have a NAGVA rating. B division is a competitive division and general volleyball knowledge is required to be a good fit. Players in this division typically don't have any formal training but are fairly athletic and are able to move quickly to the ball and react to plays as they unfold. At this level players are familiar and aiming for three team contacts (bump, set, spike) on every possession. Rotation at this level tends to be Middle Set or 4-2. A typical B player can execute some skills (hitting, blocking, setting, passing, digging, and serving), but the results may be error-prone.


This division is recreational and less competitive. C division is a good fit for players who are looking for a relaxed play style, have just started playing volleyball, and/or haven't received any formal training. This is a great division to learn and have fun.

Why did CGVA create a rating system?

The chief purpose of a rating system is to ensure fairness and safety at every level. We want CGVA volleyball divisions to be consistent, competitive and safe. When there are players that are clearly above or below the level it can pose a safety risk to those across the net as well as your own teammates.

Implementing a rating system is the first step as our Community is growing. With ratings in place, it will give us a bigger picture of the level of the league and allow us to explore future programming with the draft leagues, clinics, and tournaments.

With the new rating system, players will be better able to sign up and play in the division appropriate for their skill level.

I have a NAGVA Rating, do I still have to get CGVA rated?


We encourage our players to play in the great NAGVA community, but NAGVA's divisions do not accurately reflect our membership at CGVA. NAGVA ratings are very broad within divisions because they are trying to encompass thousands of players nationwide. The composition of active CGVA players looks differently and having a smaller subset allows us to define our divisions with ratings that more accurately reflect our organization's skill level.

Will the rating system prevent me from playing up at the level I want?

If you wish to play at a higher division than you've been rated, you may do so with the approval of your team captain. If you sign up as a free agent, the division you are rated will be where you are placed.

You cannot play in divisions below your skill level. We want to keep play fair, competitive and safe.

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