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Monday Playoff Schedule

It's playoff time CGVA!

Standings were completed based on reported scores and scoresheets turned in. Regular season standings determine your playoff tournament seed.

This is a double elimination tournament over the course of two weeks. No loser's bracket games will be played in week 1 so everyone will come play next week as well.

Pay attention to the reffing schedule! Your team captain in LeagueApps should be listed as reffing for the right games. Some teams have first round byes, but ref the first round.

There are no subs allowed for tournament. All players must be on your LeagueApps roster. Only exception is for a medical emergency and must be cleared by the league director or president.

Winner's bracket games are best of 3, 2 games to 21 (cap 23) third game to 15 (no cap) if needed. Loser's bracket games are 1 game to 25.

Important rules reminder:

  • If you step into another court, even after contacting the ball, it is out.
  • When serving, one foot must be touching the sport court at the start of the motion to serve. When serving from the west side of courts 1, 2, and 3 to compensate for a shorter serve area, one foot may go into the court provided a portion of the foot remains behind the line.
  • Anytime a player's foot completely crosses the center line into the opponent's court it is a fault, regardless of opponent's position.
  • At the start of the game, the first time the receiving team wins the point they must rotate.

Find a board member for any rules clarification or if there's a dispute.


Monday Tournament Brackets-A Division.pdf


Monday Tournament Brackets-Adv Division.pdf


Monday Tournament Brackets-B Division.pdf

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