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Fall 2020

Registration and Fall Season Information

Welcome to the Fall 2020 page. 

Registration will be capped at 30 teams. 

The two Mondays after Labor Day will be open play at Dive. This is a chance for interested players to come and play in a relaxed setting. Free agents and teams needing players can come to find each other. Teams can come to practice. The cost is $5 per night, unless you have already registered for the league, in which case, it's free. The courts are broken down by skill level, please play on the court that most closely matches your skill level. For answers to questions, please find a board member or volunteer either wearing matching blue shirts, or sitting at an information table. 

We are expecting a large number of registrations this year, so we are capping the team number to 30 teams. Only the first 30 teams to register and have at least 5 people registered on their roster will be included. Free agents are encouraged to come to open play to find teams needing players or form teams from free agents. For assistance with finding a team, please contact Manuel Padilla, your league director for Fall 2020. Teams will then be broken down into 3-4 divisions based on history and reported skill level. 

The Monday after open play week 2 will be the start of the league. The league is 10 weeks long, with the last two weeks being a double elimination playoff. Winning teams will win prizes. 

For questions or concerns about league play, please contact

There are 3 Divisions this season. So we have B1 12 Teams and A1 6 Teams and Advanced 4 Teams. 

Fall League 2020 Brackets

B1 Division

1. The Bussy Cat Dolls

2. WAB

3. Butt Sets

4. Sonova Beach

5. Set On My Face 

6. Rough Sets


8. Daddy

9. Bump & Grind 

10. That's What She Set

11. How I Set your Mother

12. Spike it Deep

A1 Division

1. Independent Roofing

2. Sets Addicts

3. Dive

4. Dig it Good

5. InsideOut

6. Quarnteam


1. Masked for Masked

2. Covid Karens

3. Dive Elite

4. Rocky Elite