6+ draft indoor volleyball. Individuals looking for teams and teams looking for additional players should contact the League Directors, Jason Altamirano or Scott Bateman.


$75 per player

Open Play

In the weeks leading up to the start of each league, two nights of open play provide the opportunity for players to get to know each other and meet new players.  Players new to CGVA must attend open play nights with the intention of joining a team.  In the event that a new player is unable to meet a new team, the player must contact the league director via email to get help with joining a team.

The cost of open play is $5 per player.  This fee is waived for players who have registered with CGVA for the upcoming League.  All players participating in CGVA Open Play nights must abide by the rules posted on each court. 

League Play

Each league consists of 8 weeks of League Play, Mondays from 6:30 - 10:30.  Update: The schedule for all 8 weeks of League Play will be posted before the first week of play.  ​The schedule will be posted on the CGVA website and emailed to all captains.  The captain is responsible for sharing this information with team players.