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Schedules & Standings for the Winter Season

Schedules and standings

Registration is closed! Registration available for players with teams below.

Standings will be posted following weeks 3, 5, 7, and 8.

Please click here if you still need to register (ONLY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A REGISTERED & SCHEDULED TEAM).

This season is 2 weeks shorter than our Spring and Fall seasons, the cost has been reduced to $60 to account for a shorter season. If your team has a bye (divisions Mod Adv and B1) the fee is further reduced to $55 to account for 1 less week of play. 


The first week of the 6-week pool play will be Monday, January 7th. 

This season will be a single elimination tournament on February 18th.


Please let the league director Scott Bateman know if you have any questions regarding the league at



1 Victorious Secrets 4 10 Inches
2 Dive Elite 5 Oral Gazzmm
3 Mamas & Papas 6 Not The Face!


Modified Advanced:

1 Sinister Six 4 Terry's Boop Spectacular 7 Masc 4 Masc
2 Thick Thighs 5 Thank u, net      
3 Pipe Setters 6 inSIDEOUT      



1 Charlie's Angles 4 Big Digs, Tight Aces 7 Free Agents
2 Dive 5 Sets Addicts    
3 Denver Nice Aces 6 Independent Roofers  



1 TOFTB       4 Sizzle
2 Bump Buddies     5 Steph's Angels
3 Liz Gill and the Spikers   6 Rec Free Agents