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Rating FAQs

Why did CGVA create a rating system?

The chief purpose of a rating system is to ensure fairness and safety at every level. We want volleyball divisions to be consistent, competitive and safe. When there are players that are clearly above or below the level it can pose a safety risk to those across the net as well as your own teammates.

Implementing a rating system is the first step as our Community is growing. With ratings in place, it will give us a bigger picture of the level of the league and allow us to explore future programming with the draft leagues, clinics, and tournaments.

With the new rating system, players will be better able to sign up and play in the division appropriate for their skill level.

I have a NAGVA Rating, do I still have to get CGVA rated?


We encourage our players to play in the great NAGVA community, but NAGVA's divisions do not accurately reflect our membership at CGVA. 

NAGVA ratings are very broad within divisions because they are trying to encompass thousands of players nationwide. The composition of active CGVA players looks differently and having a smaller subset allows us to define our divisions with ratings that more accurately reflect our organization's skill level.

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Will the rating system prevent me from playing up at the level I want?

We want to ensure that through this ratings process we are elevating the league while keeping play fair and competitive. Because the previous divisions will not directly relate to the new system and to allow for the nuances of calculating skills, some ratings can register for multiple divisions.

If you wish to play at a higher division than you've been rated, you may do so with the approval of your team captain. If you sign up as a free agent, the division you are rated will be where you are placed.

You cannot play in divisions below your skill level, unless the League Director/Board stipulates in the season registration instructions. We want to keep the highest integrity of competitive fair game play, safety on the court and help keep CGVA an enjoyable experience.

These additional guidelines will be addressed each season as we roll out updates.

Who will rate me?

The CGVA Rating Committee will assemble and oversee seasoned volunteers, trained to the standards set by the CGVA Board, to accurately complete all ratings for the league. If there are any disputes or issues that arise, final rating approval will fall to the CGVA Rating Committee Chair.

What if I disagree with my rating, want a re-rating, or want to dispute another teammate's rating?

Submit here for any disputes or re-rating requests. A player may request a re-rate only twice per year and no more than once per season.

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