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CGVA Conflict Resolution Guide

CGVA Board Members take both emotional and physical safety very seriously. Our goal is to resolve issues peacefully and respectfully in alignment to CGVA's Player Code of Ethics.

Game Disputes

There is a hierarchy for settling game disputes.

  1. Team Captains are responsible for understanding all game rules. If any player has a dispute, they are to address the team captain and the team captain is to address the Up Referee of the game.

  2. If a dispute is still unresolved, TEAM CAPTAINS or REFEREE are to address any present CGVA Board Member. The president and League Director are the suggested first people to look for, but any CGVA Board member can assist.

  3. If any player still feels an issue is unresolved, or if they prefer to address a situation at a later time, they can email the CGVA President ( or the CGVA League Director (

All Other Issues or Conflicts

CGVA Board Members are here to help resolve issues quickly and with empathy to keep the community a safe space. We will address your situation with the utmost discreteness and with your safety as top priority. 

Please speak up and help keep this community safe and thriving.

You can approach any CGVA Board Member at any time whether in person or by email.

Issues will be presented to some or all CGVA Board Members in order to create the best steps for resolution for each individual situation. 


After intervention and attempts at resolution, if issues continue and repeat offenses occur, temporary or permanent expulsion steps will be taken. CGVA Board Members take your safety and the safety of the community as a whole very seriously.

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