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CGVA Player Code of Ethics

The CGVA Mission Statement:

"The mission of CGVA is to provide a safe environment for the Colorado LGBTQ+ and allied communities through the sport of volleyball. We aim to promote a healthy balance of competition and community building through inclusion, equality, fair play and social connections."

To honor and respect each other and our community as a whole, all CGVA members will be required to act in accordance to these CGVA Code of Ethics.


I will practice good sports-person-ship. I will act in ways that respect my teammates, all other CGVA players, CGVA representatives, tournament personnel, and spectators. 

I will not use offensive, disrespectful, or generally hurtful language. I will not fight with other athletes, coaches, volunteers, or staff. 


As part of our community of inclusion, we want to ensure we cultivate safe spaces both in relationships and game play. 

Before offering feedback, ask for consent from a player.

In the same token, team captains are the lighthouse for a team and may guide and support players to improve in both game play and uplifting moral. 

At CGVA we strive to be a competitive league, where relationships, camaraderie, community, and safety come first. All players agree to follow these ideals.


I will learn and follow the rules of my sport. I will not "hold back" in preliminary competition just to get into an easier finals competition division. 


We are all in this together to create a safe and welcoming environment. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. I agree to treat everyone with respect.


Any offensive misbehavior will not be tolerated.

I will not abuse others through physical, verbal, or written means. I will not make unwanted sexual advances. I will obey all laws and CGVA governing rules for the league, tournament, and facility.

I understand that if I do not obey these Code of Ethics, I will be subject to a range of consequences by the local tournament committee or director and/or the CGVA Board of Directors up to and including expulsion from all CGVA related leagues and events. If repeat violations occur, individuals may result in temporary or permanent expulsion.

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