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CGVA 6x6 Indoor Volleyball Rules and Regulations


  1. CGVA is a branch of NAGVA (North American Gay Volleyball Association). We follow their 6x6 indoor rules with a few exceptions as listed below and can be viewed HERE.
  2. ALL CAPTAINS are expected to be familiar with the rules listed below.
  3. All teams are expected to have AT LEAST ONE TEAM PLAYER certified up-ref by the Third Week of Play. Certification clinics to be announced as they are scheduled.


All participants, including any substitutes must have signed the CGVA waiver either as part of registration or a paper copy before playing. Only registered players can make up a roster and be counted as "core team players". Unsportsmanlike or improper conduct will not be tolerated and will be subject to the appropriate penalty, including, but not limited to, warnings, suspension, or expulsion from the league.


Team Captains, are the lighthouse, guiding light and positive role model for teams and the CGVA community at large. 

Click HERE to learn the full scope of captain responsibilities.


    1. Matches will start promptly at their scheduled time.
    2. The 40-minute matches consist of a 5-minute warm-up and two games.
    3. All games will be played to 21 points with a cap of 23. All games will use rally scoring.
    4. If two teams are tied at the end of the time allotted, then the next point scored will win the game.
    5. Teams are granted two timeouts per game. No time outs will be allowed during the final two minutes of the allotted match time
    6. Teams may play with a minimum of four players on the court and can play with two permitted substitutions (see substitution policy). Teams may play with a minimum of three "registered core team players" one time during the season, otherwise they must forfeit their game(s).
    7. Teams must have a minimum of four players present to referee one Up Ref, one Down Ref, and two Line Judges. Any team that has fewer than four players present to referee will automatically forfeit all games for the evening to their opponents.
    8. CGVA uses a modified "ghost player" rule. Teams playing with fewer than six players do NOT lose service or a point when the ghost serves. However, to facilitate the rule against back row attacks, the Up Ref and teams using the ghosts must track any ghost's position. The team with a ghost must rotate through the ghost's position when the ghost should be serving (e.g. rotate twice). The opposing team has the option of rotating through the ghost's position.
    9. If an injury or emergency causes a team to have less than four players during a match, the team will not be penalized and the match will continue.

    10. If a ball from another court enters the court and interrupts play, play must be immediately stopped and must be restarted with no penalty to either team.
    11. Due to proximity of the courts and for the safety of all players any ball that crosses the plane of a neighboring court is considered out. If a player crosses the plane of a neighboring court the ball is considered out. This includes any "follow through" where the player continues moving into a neighboring court after the player contacts the ball.


      Please click HERE for complete substitution rules.



      Teams are to observe NAGVA's 6x6 indoor substitution rules.


      When teams play with more than six players, they can choose to rotate all players equally by adding additional off-the-court rotation positions. Players may rotate in at position one (1) or four (4) or both. Teams may optionally choose to play by the NAGVA rotation substitution rules if they like.


      1. All teams are expected to have AT LEAST ONE TEAM PLAYER that is a CGVA certified up-ref by the third week of play.
      2. The down-ref and the line referees should be made aware of their responsibilities on the court by the up-ref.
      3. Certification clinics to be announced as they are schedule.


      Any captain that wishes to make a protest during league play must do so in writing to the League Director within 24 hours of the incident in question, or by email at or 

      The scheduled match must be completed in the time frame allotted.

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